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Who chooses concrete countertops?
Concrete is not a static material. Handmade and living, it is influenced by its interaction with the craftsman and the eventual user. Its unpredictability is part of the attraction. If you seek a surface that will not change or acquire character over time, choose another material.
Do you believe that:
You want something unique and personalized?
You want something that looks natural and has character?
You appreciate high-quality, hand crafted items?
Granite is too shiny, too formal, and too common?
Synthetic solid surface materials look and feel like plastic?
If so, concrete countertops may be right for you.

What colors are available?
We can color concrete to match virtually any color you choose. No countertops are made until a color sample is provided and approved. That said, due to the variations in natural elements such as cement, aggregates, and color pigments, there could be a slight difference between the sample and the final product. More factors that can cause a slight color variation are weather, cure time, and other environmental issues. Due to the nature of concrete, it is impossible to guarantee an outcome of an exact color match to the sample.

Do concrete countertops crack?
Our mix is designed with special additives and reinforcement that help to eliminate cracking. Crazing (small surface cracks) can sometimes appear, but are not structural and will not compromise the integrity of the counter. Our products are guaranteed against structural failure for five years.

How much do concrete countertops weigh?
Our standard countertops are 1 ½ inches thick and weigh 20 pounds per square foot. 2” tops can weigh up to 25 pounds per square foot. Most standard cabinetry can support this weight, but every site is evaluated on its own.

Are concrete countertops cast onsite or in the shop?
We can cast in the shop or on site depending on the look and finish desired and the on site conditions.

How much do concrete countertops cost?
Industry figures for concrete countertops are in a wide range of $65-$125 per square foot. In addition to the countertop cost, most charge additional for delivery and installation. Our tops start at $80 per square foot, which includes delivery and installation.

Will concrete countertops stain?
We use a sealer designed for commercial kitchen countertops and protect the sealer with several coats of carnuba wax. Acidic spills, vinegar, lemon juice, and red wine have not been a problem for our finishes, but, as with any other material, the spill should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Can I cut on the concrete countertop?
As with any other material, cutting should be performed on a cutting board rather than on the countertop surface. You could compromise the sealer and it certainly won’t be good for your knife.

Can I place hot pans on the concrete countertop?
We recommend pot trivets for setting hot pots on the countertop. These can be made with strips of metal embedded in the countertop near the stove, or we can embed some other impervious item to place the pots on. The hot pot won’t harm the concrete, but could destroy the wax and sealer finish.

The above Concrete Countertop information provided courtesy of The Concrete Network

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